A systems view of life?

Vitality Emerged uses the theory of systems-biology to develop a more personalized and preventive medicine.

The evidence is overwhelming that we need to change our lifestyle to tackle modern lifestyle diseases. However, the number of people with chronic diseases is increasing instead of diminishing. We are wasting time establishing this fact when we should actually start acting. The time has come to assist citizens in obtaining a sustainable healthier lifestyle. Vitalityemerged develops, conducts and evaluates holistic products, services and tools that promote the individual vitality. Vitalityemerged furthermore implements and valorises successful tools, services and products in the province of Limburg and beyond.

Self-organizing systems give us a new perspective on vitality and wellbeing: a healthy and vital system will responds on stimuli from the environment and will stay in a dynamic equilibrium. The so-called homeostasis.Through strong stimuli the system will become imbalanced and go into allostasis. When the stimulus stops, the system will recover. This is how the system is trained.When parts of the organization in the system break because of too big stimuli, the feedback loop is interrupted. The system is then unable to return into a state of homeostasis. This state is called ‘disease’.Vitality is a dynamic state in which a system is maximally receptive and adaptive, without losing the characteristics of the system itself.


Vital Citizens

Vital Citizens is a practical and personalized program that translates the results from high quality applied research into products, services and tools, that support people in changing their lifestyle.

The time has come to assist citizens in obtaining a sustainable and healthy lifestyle. Vital Citizens is based on recent knowledge from systems biology and systems thinking. According to this approach, nutrition, exercise and mind-set are intertwined, inseparably connected. The main goal of the program is that citizens live independently of health care, because they know what's ‘good’ for them and because they will obtain support in changing and maintaining their new lifestyle.

In the work packages lecturer-researchers will join forces with citizens and professionals in the field. Students will gain the needed experience in daily practice. We have a strong consortium in the domain of applied research and entrepreneurship. It is our ambition to show Limburg and the rest of the Netherlands that the personalized and integrated approach is effective and that our vitality can emerge again.

  • In work package 1 we collect or develop and evaluate separate products, services and tools that promote vitality.
  • We use these separate parts as stand-alones or combine them to vitality programs in work package 2.
  • They are evaluated in our living labs. The aim of work package 3 is to implement and valorise successful tools, services and products in the province of Limburg and beyond.


BETER (‘BEweeg, eeT, verandER’) is a personalized blended health program to improve the individual vitality based on a holistic, systems biologic approach

The program is based on recent insights from systems thinking, which means that nutrition, exercise and mindset are inseparably connected and intertwined. The starting point for the BETER program are different subtypes, groups of people with specific similar symptoms for the same pathology or disease. Based on these subtypes the BETER program provides participants with tailored support to achieve and sustainably maintain a healthier lifestyle.

Core elements of BETER are personalized physical training programs and nutrition advice as well as lifestyle coaching according to the individual subtype. Furthermore, the program is complemented by webinars, lectures and cooking workshops. Additional core elements of BETER are the delivery of self-management techniques and long-term support via an e-Health platform to empower the individual to adhere to a healthier lifestyle.